Strike Away is a show of matchbook art. It includes nearly 450 altered matchbooks by 225 artists from around the world, curated by Courtney Cerruti and Alicia Dornadic

The show is on exhibit from May 22nd - June 30th at Paxton Gate Kids located at 766 Valencia St., San Francisco. 

You will find beautifully painted matchbooks, playful paper dioramas hidden inside matchboxes, matchstick sculpture, and much much more ranging in price from $5 and up. 

This show is a followup to #3636project curated by C Cerruti in 2014 for which she invited 36 artists to turn 36 antique wooden spoons into works of art. This year the show centers on matchbooks and the call for submissions was open to everyone! s 

For a preview see #strikeawayshow on Instagram or Facebook

Paxton Gate: “A child's curiosity is a precious gift to be nurtured and explored. For the child in all of us, there's Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids, offering an assortment of nostalgic toys and games inspired by the predigital era. Play, learn, and grow with our unique mix of amusements highlighting natural materials, handmade elements, and sustainable design

Curator Bios: 

Courtney Cerruti is a maker extraordinaire. Courtney is the author of Playing with Image Transfers, and Washi Tape 101 and Playing With Surface Design published by Quarry Books. She teaches workshops all over the country and online at Her work has been featured on Oh Happy Day, Design Sponge, the SF Chronicle, Instagram and BuzzFeed. She makes something everyday and can be found on Instagram as @ccerruti or on her website

Alicia Dornadic is a design researcher with degrees in applied anthropology and art history. Her zines have appeared at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Shop at FlyWheel Press in San Mateo, SF and LA zinefest, Needles & Pens, Pegasus Books. A Bay Area native, she enjoys hiking, watercoloring, writing and making her 9-month old giggle. You can contact her on Instagram @adorndesign or her blog

Participating Artists: Aaron Zonka, Akanksha Makhija, Alexi Ueltzen, Alexis Amann, Alice Wiese, Alicia Dornadic, Alicia Ostarello, Alina Pritchett, Allie Olson, Allison May Kiphuth, Amber Imrie-Situnayake, Amelia Guimarin, Amy Burek, Amy Tingle, Ana Rodriguez, Anh Tran, Ann Marie Snell, Anna Greer, Anna Katherine Peters, Annie Chang, Anthea Ben-Naim, April V. Walters, Ari Bird, Ashley Mistriel, Ashley Nickels, Astrid Reichenbach, Bayle Doetch, Becky Wareing Steele, Ben Chlapek, Bethany Carlson Mann, BJ Pergola, Brenda Meade, Brian Douglas Hunt, Brittany Soucy, Carolee Gilligan Wheeler, Caryn Oka, Caskey Weston, Cassia Cogger, Charlotte Belland, Charlotte Lyons, Chelsesa R. Wong, Chloe Kiser, Christina Diaz, Christina Fung, Christine Aria Hostetler, Cleo Papanikolas, Courtney Cerruti, Courtney Heiser, Courtney Riddle, Crystal Morey, Cyndi Monaghan, Daisy Greenwell, Dan Franklin, Danielle Schlunegger, David Benzler, David Kim, David Kiphuth, Desiree Chow, Diana Rodgers, Dylan Metrano, Elen Rolih, Elise Morris, Ellen Bae, Ellen Cohan, Emily Greco, Emily Proud, Emma Graney, Emmalee Carroll, Eric Haines, Eric Stimmel, Erika Lee Sears, Erin Fong, Erin McAdams, Evan Williamson, Falconette (Natalie Cartwright and Kiera Lofgreen), Fer Santacruz, Garrett Eaton, Gina M.Contreras, Grace Mendez, Grant Kratzer, Gregg Firestone, Heather Tompkins, Holly Bobisuthi, Hope Henniger, Iain McGregor, Isadora Stowe, Jacque Lynn Schiller, Jane Mount, Janis Anzalone, Jeff Meadows, Jen Brightman, Jen Hewett, Jenifer Lake, Jenn Ludwig, Jenn McGlon, Jennette Nielsen, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Jenny Aguirre, Jenny Brown, Jenny Jo Kristan, Jenny Rosenberg, Jenny Sweeney, Jess Suttner, Jessica Bender, Jill Bogart, Jill Russell, Joanna Kurimsky, Joel Alter, John Casey, Josephine Close, Joshua Charles Hart, Judi Delgado, Julia Linsteadt, Julie Schneider, K.Lee Mock, Kadison Lindeen, Kate Beale, Kate Mink, Katie McCann, Katja Ollendorff, Katrina Rodabaugh, Kayte Terry, Keith DeNatale, Kelley Dunwoody, Kelly Autumn, Kelly Fry, Kels OSullivan, Kermit Patton, Kerstin Svendsen, Kimberly Ellen Hall, Kirsten Olson, Klai Brown, Kristen Nelson, Kyoko Hirota, Lacey Bryant, Laura Bray, Lauren Goeser, Lauren Miller, Lauren Schmidt, Lea K. Tawd, Leila Block, Leilani Hudson, Leslie Cheng, Leslie Westphal, Liana Allday, Lina Noel, Linda Fahey, Lindsay Watson, Lisa Solomon, Liz Payne, Liza Scully, Liza Yee, LOSTBOY, Madeline Trait, Maggie Chiang, Maggie Engebretson, Mai Le, Mai Ly Degnan, Mandy Behrens, Mar Cerdà, Maria Schoettler, Mariel Vandersteel, Marisa Lehnert, Marissa Falco, Mark Creasy, Mark Poulin, Marta Johnson, Mary Harding, Mason Willetts, Matlena Hourula, Matthieu Brajot, Maureen Shields, Maya Stein, Megan Kinney, Megan Leppla, Meghan Forbes, Michael McConnell, Michael Nikola, Misty Mawn, Molly C. Meng, Molly Hatch, Molly Peppel, Nancy Mungcal, Nataly Aponte, Nathalie Fabri, Nazir Agah, Nicole Album, Nik Sonfield, Nurulhuda Izyan, Orlie kapitulnik, Rachel Frankel, Rachel Mae Smith, Rachel T Robertson, Robert Daulton, Robert Mahar, Robyn Wells, Sam Larson, Samarra Khaja, Samuel OLeary, Sandra Williams, Sara Diamond, Sara Guindon, Sara Wolfowitz, Sarah Stevenson, Scot Nobles, Sean OBrien, Seana Murphy, Shamsy Roomiani, Shan Jones, Sharon Nullmeyer, Shasta Garcia, Shawn Eisenach, Simone Rosenberg, Sonya Montenegro, Sonya Philip, Staci Leech-Cornell, Stefanie Renee, Steve Javiel, Steve Wooten, Susan Schwake, Susannah Elizabeth, Susanne Weihl, Suzanne Vinson, Tania Skevos, Tiffanie Turner, Tiffany Patterson, Tobe Harvey, Tomas Moniz, Toph Butto, Vanessa Wimmer, Wendy Crabb, Wendy Goldberg, Yee Li, Yosiell Lorenzo, Yvette Franco


Payments. For all work sold you receive 50% of retail price. We make payments via PayPal and will need your PayPal email. If you don't have one sign up here. It's easy peasy.

Returning work after show. If you want any unsold work back after the show, please also submit a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope* (you are responsible for correct postage and packaging!) when you drop off or ship your work. Please allow 2 weeks after the end of the show for us to put your work in the mail.**

Social Media. #strikeawayshow 

We'd love to see your process. If you Instagram or Tweet about your work for the show please hashtag #strikeawayshow and/or tag @ccerruti & @adorndesign

Photograph your work. Send us images of your piece(s) to be included on the Facebook page/postcard. Email jpgs to The earlier the better.  

 Questions? Email us at

 We are very much looking forward to seeing your work!

 Courtney & Alicia

*Just a word about mailing matches. Technically, you must label any packages containing matchsticks: "ORM-D -Surface Mail Only-Book Matches."

** Not to be shitty, but if the postal gods lose or damage your work, we cannot be held liable.