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From Meighan O'Toole's blog:

This week on the show I’m excited to have Courtney Cerruti, maker extraordinare. Courtney is an artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the day she works for Creativebug, an online education platform for arts and crafts workshops, as a set designer and during her spare time she paints, makes, writes books, sells antiques, curates shows and community events, teaches workshops and more.

I don’t often use the word prolific to describe someone, but Courtney is just that. Today we’ll talk about all the things she does and how she does it and stays inspired and her own struggles around keeping up. 

A few things of note – courtney’s new book Playing with Surface Design is now in shops. It is chalked full of fun, colorful and engaging projects with gorgeous images. I’m offering a listener an opportunity to win a copy. Just head on over to my Instagram account which to find out how to get involved.

Also, in the show today Courtney talks about the #Strikeawayshow she curated with Alicia Dornadic at Paxton Gate in San Francisco. It’s seriously an epic show including over 500 matchbooks created and designed by over 300 artists. If you can’t get to the show be sure to check out the hashtag #Strikeawayshow  on Instagram — there are over 900 images giving you a virtual walk through of the show. I spent over an hour last night scrolling and enjoying the show. You can now check hashtags online as well as on the Instagram app. So if you can’t get there in person, get there online.