My great grandfather, Eduardo Cerruti, arrived in the United States in 1892 with $1.25 in his pocket and little command of the English language. He built his home in San Francisco and created a rich and rewarding life himself and his family. He owned many businesses including a cigar company, a liquor import business, a night club and eventually came to conceive of and build a salt water fed pool North Beach that ran until the 1950s. He was recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and talent and was an incredible man. I am so proud to be a Cerruti. 

My great grandfather, Eduardo Cerruti

The Cerruti Brothers

SF Chronicle article about my great grandfather and the life he built in San Francisco. 1914

SF examiner 1928 "Cerruti started with $1.25 and unaided built $250,000 Crystal Palace Baths"

Article about Cerruti Mercantile in an Italian SF Periodical called L'Italia 1911

Attivita'Italiane 1929 published in San Francisco

from Attivita'Italiane 1929 published in San Francisco

Attivita'Italiane 1929 published in San Francisco

A letter written by my great grandmother on my great grandfather's behalf

Attivita'Italiane 1929 published in San Francisco

Owned by my great-grandmother's parents in Volcano, Ca.

BECOMES BRIDE OF A SAN FRANCICAN: San Jose Girl Weds Eduardo Cerruti and Starts on a European Tour. San Francisco Chronicle (1869-Current File) [San Francisco, Calif] 11 Aug 1908: 3.

from the SF Chronicle

The 700 block of Lombard, between Mason and Taylor and just across Columbus from the new North Beach library, is a pleasantly unassuming street a few blocks below the crooked stretch of Lombard. It’s also the former location of one of the city’s forgotten gems, where countless schoolchildren once splashed, thousands of GIs danced with local girls before shipping out to war in the Pacific — and a single-minded coach transformed a discouraged 14-year-old girl into one of the greatest swimmers of all time... (click on the image to read the full article)

Swimming ephemera from the Crystal Palace Baths

Located at 775 Lombard Street, it opened in 1924 by Edward Cerruti, and was originally called the Crystal Palace Salt Water Baths. Its name was changed to the Crystal Plunge in 1933. The Crystal pool held about 300,000 gallons of salt water which was pumped in from a pier near Fisherman's Wharf. The Crystal Plunge never made a profit and in spite of Cerruti's many years of leasing it out to people who he hoped would be more successful than he, it was eventually condemned by building inspectors and closed in 1956. The property was sold by Mrs. Cerruti, for $120,000 and the empty building was demolished in 1958.

Crystal Palace Plunge Float in the Chowchilla Ca. circa 1955-56

Club Lido in North Beach. Owned by my great grandfather Eduardo Cerruti

The Lido after a fire - Feb 9, 1933

Orchestra at the Lido - Feb 15 1935

Women on strike at the Lido August 7 1943

club lido matchbooks