36 antique wooden spoons found on instagram. 36 artists from the US and UK. #3636project

Join us for the opening on February 21st from 6pm-8pm at Paxton Gate Kids, 766 Valencia St. San Francisco 

Participating artists: Matthieu Brajot, Sarah Ahern Bellemare, Courtney Cerruti, Lisa Congdon, Cathy Cullis, Sara Diamond, Alicia Dornadic, Garrett Eaton, Diana Fayt, Dusty Genard, Patrick Sean Gibson, Molly Hatch, Glenn Hernandez, Colin Herrick, Maria Janosko, Curtis Jensen, Dave Kim, Bob Lake, Jen Lake, Tim Lamb, Mike McConnell, Mati Rose McDonough, Faye Moorhouse, Crystal Morey, Sam O'Leary, Cleo Papanikolas, Willie Real, Shawn Relish, Katrina Rodabaugh, Fer Santacruz, Christine Schmidt, Dickson Schneider, Lisa Solomon, Julia Statite, Lindsay Anne Watson, Robyn Wells.

About the show...

This show has been building for years in little whisps and moments tucked away in my brain.

About a year and a half I go I met this guy at APE. He was selling these beautifully drawn faces and characters on wooden objects. I wanted them all!!!! I started following Willie on instagram and made him my friend... we're friends, Willie, right? 

Then, about a year ago, Jersey Picker posted a picture on Instagram of a huge pile of wooden spoons. I thought I wanted them all for something but I didn't quite know what. I kept that image of a mass of old and worn wooden spoons in the back of my head.

Last, my friend Lisa, while on one of her many trips, posted this pic of a wall in a restaurant and for me everything clicked. I contacted Jersey Picker to see if he had any spoons left. He had 36, and sent them all to me. I texted Willie to see if he wanted a spoon, and I chose 35 other friends and artists from instagram to participate, and #3636project began.